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Replacing the Monitor Panel Switch

The monitor panel on the Eurovan Camper’s galley cabinet lets you check the levels of the water and L.P. gas tanks and the coach battery’s charge by pressing the Levels Test switch. If the switch on your monitor panel breaks,

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T5 (UK newer model Eurovan) buying guide

How to replace your poptop

Fan resistors – how to check and where to buy

Watch the video on how to locate and check the radiator fan fuses Buy them here at ––1992–2003-EuroVan-Radiator-Fan-Fuse-_p_913.html

Replace Eurovan alternator

Rear wiper sprayer nozzle fix

93 Eurovan conversion to TDI

RossTech VCDS in WA (friendly help)

I have contacted him directly to get his contact information.  I will post when available.

Volkswagen EuroVan manuals

I picked up a set of the Volkswagen EuroVan Official Factory Repair Manuals (set of three volumes with a body addendum).  If you happen to be in San Diego and need to borrow them, let me know.  Or if you

Rust repair example

Sliding door roller repair

Here is one source for the part

Opening the grill of a Eurovan T4

Need some extra room to work on your Eurovan T4… open the grill.

Folding your mirrors in

Ever wanted to protect your mirrors from getting swiped or bumped… fold them in.

Adding a split charge

Installing a split charge kit in a VW T4 Transporter

How to adjust your poptop latch?

The little latch bolt can be adjusted up down… and can even jiggle loose. Check the bolt… if your poptop won’t latch, you may need to “loosen” it to bring it down a bit (or tighten it). This is the

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