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Oil plug stripped… and how I was able to remove it.

My 1993 Eurovan had a stripped oil plug. I was starting to be concerned that I wasn’t going to be able to get it out… and end up paying a pretty penny for somebody else to do it. Plus, I

Oil pan gasket, leak, oil plug… and more.

My 1993 Eurovan had a persistent oil leak. It was consistently using oil at more than a “it just uses a little oil” rate. And I noticed a very slow drip/leak around the oil pan that tended to run over

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AC condensation drain tube and wet carpet

1993, I pulled my carpet to clean it and found water under it about where the passenger left foot would be but slight closer to front of vehicle. There is also a tube there. It was clogged. I didn’t know

Replaced Brake Booster – a world of difference

My 1993 Eurovan’s brakes were a bit squishy. The brake pedal area even made a hiss sound when I pressed on the pedal. After a bit of research, I came across this video. Seemed like a good chance this was

Oceanside Transmission

If you are in San Diego and your Eurovan needs some automatic transmission service or diagnosis, then you should consider Oceanside Transmission.  PLEASE READ UPDATE BELOW… I took my 1993 Eurovan there, and they performed an automatic transmission fluid

Transmission cable fix

I have mentioned here that I had a part of the wire/cable that runs from the TCM (transmission control module) to the transmission turned into a melted mess during a long road trip. Read more here. Well, the temporary fix

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Exhaust manifold – 1993 Eurovan

It is known that exhaust manifolds from early year/model Eurovans are prone to cracking. I located an inexpensive exhaust manifold. My 1993 2.5L EV has a cracked exhaust manifold. An exhaust tech showed me a while back when it was

Transmission reset procedure

Subject: Resetting the Eurovan Adaptive Transmission Sequencing The Eurovan uses an electronically controlled transmission which sets shifting points based upon engine load and RPM information that is “learned” from your specific driving habits. This information, which is stored in the

How to adjust/remove sliding door?

It is possible for your doors to begin to sag with age.  It is often noticeable when you look at the body lines on the outside of your Eurovan.  If this is the case, you may want to perform some

Headlight upgrade

New Headlights (upgraded in 2013) – The poor quality and low light from the standard headlights was one of the first issues I noticed about my 1993 Eurovan. I bought my EV in the Berkeley/Oakland area and drove it back to

New (used) door cards

My 1993 VW Eurovan Weekender was purchased from a family in the Bay Area, California.  The father is also a handy type guy that worked on his van a bit, and he also had a newer model that they decided

Replacing a serpentine belt – 1993 Eurovan

Degree of difficulty: Easy Tools required: Gloves, some muscle, eye protection, headlamp or light, ramps or jack/stands A squeak near the front passenger wheel had me concerned.  I removed the belly pan cover (many people don’t have one for their

Blinking battery dash light

My 1993 Eurovan has had some electrical issues related to the battery. I know that I have run the main battery down substantially many times. So I bought a replacement EverMaxx H5 from Walmart. After (and before) the new battery,

Wood floor

As far as the work for my 1993 Weekender, I started by ripping/removing the old carpet. It required that I use pliers, my hands, a scraper/chisel, a utility knife and a belt sander. I first pulled up the carpet in

Poptop sun/wind protection

Here is an example that you can use to build your own sun/wind protection for your poptop.  See below for the reflective product material that you can use to build your own.

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