Headlight upgrade

New Headlights (upgraded in 2013) – The poor quality and low light from the standard headlights was one of the first issues I noticed about my 1993 Eurovan. I bought my EV in the Berkeley/Oakland area and drove it back to San Diego. It wasn’t quite a white knuckles drive, but I was certainly having issues seeing the road well at times. I researched and found this post describing an upgrade to the headlights – How to install E codes. Ironically, the author, Matt, lives in San Diego. At the same time, I was in communication with a friend that lived in Germany. I found the headlights on ebay.de, and he shipped them to me. I bought the wiring kit mentioned in the post. Installation was fairly simple. This is by far the best upgrade for more comfortable and safer driving that I’ve done.  ~$200, but only because I had friend in Germany

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