Replaced Brake Booster – a world of difference

My 1993 Eurovan’s brakes were a bit squishy. The brake pedal area even made a hiss sound when I pressed on the pedal. After a bit of research, I came across this video. Seemed like a good chance this was my issue. A quick search for the brake booster online, order, easy to medium install difficulty… and now my brakes work better than I can remember. I’m very thankful. As mentioned in the video description, the brake light switch needed to be adjusted after replacing the brake booster. This is a simple hand adjustment (second video here that shows how).

2 comments on “Replaced Brake Booster – a world of difference
  1. Mark Conner says:

    I know this will soon be my fate. Would you mind sharing where you got your booster and how much you paid? Thanks!

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