Transmission cable fix

I have mentioned here that I had a part of the wire/cable that runs from the TCM (transmission control module) to the transmission turned into a melted mess during a long road trip. Read more here.

Well, the temporary fix worked for 7 years. That fix was to simply cut out about a foot of the cable (10 wires) and crimp in new ones. They finally fatigued and my EV went into limp mode. I knew what it was.

So I located a 2001 donor Eurovan that had the same cable and connector. I cut it and installed. I did find out that the pinouts are different between years, though the colored wires are the same.

After carefully figuring out the correct scheme for connecting the wires, I installed and tested. Success.

One note that might come in handy for some people is that if your Eurovan is in limp mode, it might just be a wiring issue. And if it only shifts into some of the gears it might also just be a wiring issue. When I connected the new cable/connector the first time with the wires connected by color (not correct cause of difference in pinouts), I was worried that I had a more serious transmission issue. Not the case once I corrected.

It makes me wonder if there have been and Eurovans put to pasture because of a transmission issue that could have been fixed with checking the wires.

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