Let’s see your Eurovan (upload a photo)

Please upload a photo of your Eurovan. The photo will be uploaded to Google Drive and displayed on the EurovanRescue.com/Google-Photos section.

3D model

Are you a crafty type?  Do you have a 3D printer?  If so, did you know that there are some 3D models of Eurovans available.  Search for more.

Wood floor

As far as the work for my 1993 Weekender, I started by ripping/removing the old carpet. It required that I use pliers, my hands, a scraper/chisel, a utility knife and a belt sander. I first pulled up the carpet in

Poptop sun/wind protection

Here is an example that you can use to build your own sun/wind protection for your poptop.  See below for the reflective product material that you can use to build your own.

Sounds and thermal insulation

Updated: 6/29/16 – Watch and listen to a short video that compares three areas of the EV with different states of insulation/sound deadening (rear hatchback with FatMat & denim, read driver’s side panel with FatMat only, and middle panel area

Poptop lift assist struts installed

I recently purchased a Thule Evolution 1800 cargo box from Craigslist in order to store/carry more stuff when camping/road tripping. With the added weight on top, I decided to purchase the GoWesty poptop lift assist kit to make opening the

Poptop roof rack survey

Here is a survey that you can take if you have a roof rack on your poptup. And here is a summary of the responses. Example question and responses: My rooftop box (not sold any longer) is very similar to

Leather steering wheel wrap

I’m not typically one to get frivolous accessories, though some may argue that point. Anyway, my 1993 Eurovan’s steering wheel has that slippery, hardened rubber/plastic feel to it. So I decided to get the Wheelskins leather steering wheel wrap (from

New YouTube channel

EurovanRescue.com has a new YouTube channel.  Find great videos from around the web with information about Eurovans. Please subscribe.

Replacing the Monitor Panel Switch

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The monitor panel on the Eurovan Camper’s galley cabinet lets you check the levels of the water and L.P. gas tanks and the coach battery’s charge by pressing the Levels Test switch. If the switch on your monitor panel breaks,

T5 (UK newer model Eurovan) buying guide


Beware – Bulliwerk shop in Arizona

There seems to be an issue with a shop in Phoenix, Arizona.  If you intend to have Bulliwerk (shop) do any work, be sure to do your research and be warned. Read more here http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?9022369-Beware-bulliparts-from-Arizona

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