Strip fuse for radiator fan

Strip fuse for radiator fan
Strip fuse

If you have been around Eurovans for a bit, you probably know about the radiator strip fuse. Buy some for if you are in need.

Anyway, my van’s coolant light has been on for a while. I just thought it was a sensor or something. Then, I noticed that it seemed that my van didn’t have both fans running. So I checked the strip fuse, and although it looked ok, it was definitely blown. The fuse had a hairline break, and when I examined it, it crumbled.

Luckily, I had a couple I ordered in the past. I put a new one in, and I put the extra in the glove box. It is possible that I have an issue with my radiator fan being faulty and drawing too much power and blowing the strip fuse. I’ll monitor to see what happens. If anybody knows a way to confirm a radiator fan is working properly, please let me know.

After installing the new strip fuse, the coolant light on the dash went out (interesting) and the radiator fan seems to be working fine. I’ll report back if anything changes.

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