Replaced spark plugs – 1993 EV

Replaced spark plugs – 1993 EV
Here are the five spark plugs in order, 1-5. Notice #4 is quite dirty.

Today, I replaced the 5 spark plugs in my 1993 Eurovan. This is a relatively simple job for a novice mechanic, especially if you are already familiar with your Eurovan. The basic steps can be seen in this video from Thomas EXOVCDS.

A couple of tips… I use a little piece of wood as a standoff to keep the radiator pushed away from the engine a bit. Also, I took off the plastic grill piece because mine is fragile, and I don’t want to break it moving the radiator around. Lastly, be sure to take off the little spark plug receivers that are screwed on if your wires prefer to go on to threads… i.e. test your wires with your new plugs to ensure they connect. I forgot to take off the little nubs so it took me a few extra minutes with some needle nose pliers while the plugs were still in.

After completing the job, I think the Eurovan is running a bit smoother. It also started up really fast. I’ll continue to monitor.

Here are some photos.

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  1. UPDATE: I’ve since replaced my radiator and hinges. Wow, that really helps give more working space. If you don’t have a working hinge setup for your radiator, get the little parts… they are inexpensive. Wish I would have done that sooner. Disregard the wood standoff…

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