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Headlight upgrade

New Headlights (upgraded in 2013) РThe poor quality and low light from the standard headlights was one of the first issues I noticed about my 1993 Eurovan. I bought my EV in the Berkeley/Oakland area and drove it back to

Blinking battery dash light

My 1993 Eurovan has had some electrical issues related to the battery. I know that I have run the main battery down substantially many times. So I bought a replacement EverMaxx H5 from Walmart. After (and before) the new battery,

Replacing the Monitor Panel Switch

The monitor panel on the Eurovan Camper’s galley cabinet lets you check the levels of the water and L.P. gas tanks and the coach battery’s charge by pressing the Levels Test switch. If the switch on your monitor panel breaks,

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Fan resistors – how to check and where to buy

Watch the video on how to locate and check the radiator fan fuses Buy them here at –¬†–1992–2003-EuroVan-Radiator-Fan-Fuse-_p_913.html

Replace Eurovan alternator

Adding a split charge

Installing a split charge kit in a VW T4 Transporter

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