Category: Poptop

Poptop sun/wind protection

Here is an example that you can use to build your own sun/wind protection for your poptop.  See below for the reflective product material that you can use to build your own.

Poptop lift assist struts installed

I recently purchased a Thule Evolution 1800 cargo box from Craigslist in order to store/carry more stuff when camping/road tripping. With the added weight on top, I decided to purchase the GoWesty poptop lift assist kit to make opening the

How to replace your poptop

How to adjust your poptop latch?

The little latch bolt can be adjusted up down… and can even jiggle loose. Check the bolt… if your poptop won’t latch, you may need to “loosen” it to bring it down a bit (or tighten it). This is the

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