How to adjust your poptop latch?

How to adjust your poptop latch?

The little latch bolt can be adjusted up down… and can even jiggle loose. Check the bolt… if your poptop won’t latch, you may need to “loosen” it to bring it down a bit (or tighten it). This is the one with the nut on it. In this photo, the latch bolt is shown only 1/2 way screwed back in here.  But it was because it had jiggled loose and was sitting in the latch area.  I’ll likely use some thread lock (cause my nut is in the correct position). The adjustment of the nut helps make a tighter/looser seal.  When you’ve found the correct “height” of the latch bolt, the nut should be at the top to help secure the bolt.

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    • Hmm. I haven’t seen that sold before. You might want to try emailing GoWesty
      Or there are several Eurovans being parted in Facebook groups, T4 Classifieds comes to mind.
      And there are a lot of sellers on eBay in Europe that have a lot of parts (I’ve ordered from there before)… but not sure if they have that part.

      • I have just bought a replacement system for the latch. any chance there is a you tube video showing how to replace it? I”m new at doing my own handy work, and need all the help I can get.

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