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  1. HI, John,
    The air pump in my 1995 van’s secondary air injection system is failing, along with its solenoid, and three local mechanics have been unable to locate new or used ones. It’s the 5-cylinder Audi gas engine, wondering if you might have a suggestion for where to inquire about getting them?

    • Where are you located? I would check ebay international. There are several reliable sellers in Europe and Turkey of all places.
      Also, there are junkyards that I’ve seen Eurovans at. I’ve pulled many parts from them. I know where one is right now, but I don’t know the parts you are looking for. Jim Ellis VW and other VW websites are helpful in getting diagrams that might help others ID/pull parts for you. Or if you know the Bentley manual page numbers with diagrams that is also helpful.
      The other VW websites/forums also have a parts exchange/sales area. Might try there.

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