Volkswagen EuroVan manuals

Volkswagen EuroVan manuals

I picked up a set of the Volkswagen EuroVan Official Factory Repair Manuals (set of three volumes with a body addendum).  If you happen to be in San Diego and need to borrow them, let me know.  Or if you get stuck on a project and want me to look something up for you.

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1 Comment on “Volkswagen EuroVan manuals

  1. John,

    Are you still there?

    1995 VW Eurovan Camper. Just back from 8,300 nearly all trouble-free mile trip from upstate NY to west TX, AZ, KY, and home.

    Heater/cabin/automotive fan is squealing, maybe needing replacement? Can we talk about or you send me pages concerning:
    – where is the fan located?
    – how to to get to it?
    – Part number?

    Glad to pay copying & postage.


    Bob Addis
    PH: 518-496-1979

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