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The EurovanRescue.com website is a resource for Volkswagen Eurovan owners.  The main feature of website if a Repair Shop locator search.  There are many other VW websites that have similar functions, but often, they are for Vanagons or Buses.  Most Eurovan owners know that finding the right repair shop or parts can be a challenge.  Now, we have our own resource.

Please send any repair shop that you have used for your Eurovan to us so we can add it to the database.  The is a small area for notes in case you want to include your opinion of their work.  There is a $50 plugin (https://wordpress.storelocatorplus.com/product/slp4-user-managed-locations/) that would allow for self service of entering Repair Shops.  If anybody would like to help fund this feature, please contact me.

Please Register on EurovanRescue.com.  There are additional features that you may find helpful.

  • Find other members that have the same year/model
  • Use the Link Library
  • Polls (compare MPG to others, for example)
  • Share Activity to Eurovan related Facebook Groups
  • Future feature: Find other members in your area (radius search)
  • and more…

2 Comments on “Welcome to Eurovan Rescue

  1. We used German Master Tech in Bend, Oregon this year for a GoWesty supplied lift kit, transmission cooler and rear sway bar install on our 1997 EVC. They have experience with these kits and GoWesty;, they are not cheap but they are good! You could add them to your database for us Central Oregonians.
    I need to find a Norcold refrigerator service place in Bend now.

  2. I used AutoNation VW in Spokane WA for breakdown service. Air conditioner had seized and destroyed the serpentine belt causing car to overheat, alternator light came on and loss of power steering. As I had no knowledge of repair facilities in Spokane and my 2001 EVC was being operated by my son, my only reasonable option was to have it towed to the closest VW dealership.
    AutoNation was helpful and reasonable with their pricing given their dealership status. They stated they don’t work much on these ‘older vehicles’ but had a competent tech who was familiar with the VR-6 24 valve engine. I also had them replace the water pump it hopes of preventing a future breakdown as my van has 81,000 miles. Cost was in the neighborhood of $1200 for compressor, clutch and recharge and with the water pump and fluids, about $1500 before tax. For basic breakdown assistance I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again but as these vans age, a speciality shop is most likely your best option for service and repair.

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