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Poptop roof rack survey

Here is a survey that you can take if you have a roof rack on your poptup. And here is a summary of the responses. Example question and responses: My rooftop box (not sold any longer) is very similar to

New YouTube channel has a new YouTube channel.  Find great videos from around the web with information about Eurovans. Please subscribe.

T5 (UK newer model Eurovan) buying guide

Eurovan Camper dealer video (Winnebago)

1993 Volkswagen T4 EuroVan In Dealer Training

Cooling system overview

Must read from Karmakanix!!!


RossTech VCDS in WA (friendly help)

I have contacted him directly to get his contact information.  I will post when available.

Eurovan paint codes

(via Adam Parker –  Vew To The VW T4 Scene NT4S Facebook Group) Have you ever wondered what your paint code is or what your color is called ? There may be some codes missing, but i thought if that

Welcome to Eurovan Rescue

The website is a resource for Volkswagen Eurovan owners.  The main feature of website if a Repair Shop locator search.  There are many other VW websites that have similar functions, but often, they are for Vanagons or Buses.  Most

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